Maxyme G. Delisle X atelier b

Face to Face is the most recent project by atelier b’s duo, in collaboration with Catherine

D’Amours and Maxyme G. Delisle. Cross-disciplinary, it encompasses elements of design, photography, and fashion, yet at the heart of the project is a pure celebration of beauty—atelier b’s exhilarating beauty, defined by a search for lost time and for a language left behind, the very essence of which is found in a place transcending the workshop-boutique, surpassing the simple clothing collection.


Maxyme G. Delisle’s photos reflect this concept. By sculpting the visual—the body and clothes—the photographer, whose work often reflects human anatomy in its simplest expression, celebrates the human body with compositions reminiscent of Mark Borthwick, at a junction between art and fashion.


Face to Face also pays homage to process, that of creation, but also of fabrication. The choice of Polaroid for this series is, besides the result of a happy set of circumstances, the very essence of the project; the pace this technique imposes mirrors the way the two designers work. As opposed to mass production practices and fast, cheap execution, we find a sort of celebration of slowed pace, rendered in its entirety through raw images and ethereal ambiance, which provide rare authenticity.


The matter/time at the heart of the image, the image which immobilizes matter and time… as though enclosed in a loop. The softness emanating from these Polaroids invites us to immerse ourselves in the workshop universe and to come face to face with the fabrics, each chosen with care, and to let oneself be clothed by them.


Text by Marie-Christine Dubé