The team behind atelier b

Anne-Marie and Catherine are the designers and founders of the brand. Anne-Marie is responsible of communications and of sales while Catherine is in charge of production and quality control. They complement each other in their friendship as well as in their professional lives. At atelier b, they wish offering a convivial working environment which fosters personal growth and lets each team member progress according to her interests and strengths. The positions are always transforming and evolving together with the team members.

Charlotte is their right hand, assisting them in a broad range of tasks from production, to sales and communication strategies. You can see her working at the workshop, sometimes cutting fabric pieces, sometimes very concentrated behind her computer with headphones on. Ambitious, motivated and rigorous, she gets things done!

Annik is responsible of virtual and brick and mortar store. She is the one replying your questions regarding the care instructions of a material or the size chart of a clothing. You cannot miss her contagious smile! Its thanks to her vision as an artist, we have a unique shop and window displays.

In the workshop, Béatrice makes the machines purr. Meticulous and perfectionist, she tests all the designs and improves them with dexterity. It is also her who makes your alterations and reparations. Despite her busy schedule, she always finds the time to make us laugh with her sharp humour.