Our fabrics

On natural fibres and how we choose our fabrics

Since 2009, we have been experimenting and refining our process of working with the best natural fibres available. Before picking a material, there are several points we take into consideration. Durability, comfort, aesthetic properties and the conditions under which they have been produced are important criteria for us.

What are the natural fibres?

They are either plant-based, such as cotton, linen, lyocell, ramie or hemp or protein-based, of animal origin, such as silk, wool, alpaca and cashmere. The filamentous substances are spun and then woven or knitted. We can therefore find a t-shirt made of hemp knit just like hemp twill pants : the thread can be worked in a thousand ways! Textile manufacturing techniques have a long tradition and are at the very foundation of our creation: we always work on our models starting from the fabric, which is the basis of our inspiration.

Why the natural fibres?

Obviously there is the comfort that comes with it. The natural fibres are breathable and pleasant on skin, even for the most sensitive skin types. It is also a way to encourage independent small businesses who provide jobs in textile industry in their rural communities. Fabrics of natural fibres require much less chemicals than synthetic products (which are petroleum-based) and are also compostable. In fact, textiles made of natural fibres are accepted by most of the municipal compost facilities. Of course, we throw them away to compost when they are worn-out enough that it cannot be given or repaired! Please remove the buttons and zips before composting them.

What is the source of our textiles?

We prioritize the suppliers that are in proximity of our workshop. Many of our jerseys and knits are manufactured in Canada, while some of our woven fabrics come from the United States. For more specific materials, we work with Japan and some European countries (mainly Italy and northern countries). It is essential for us to make sure that working conditions are fair, and the best way to be sure of this is choosing countries that have a Charter of Human Rights that resembles to ours!

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