Un espace pour raconter et questionner

A space to discuss and question

I have long wanted to take the time to create a place where we would have space to develop our ideas, our inspirations, to tell our stories. With social networks, we have developed the habit of writing small legends, short descriptions. I missed texts with more content! I had a few writing mandates in the last year for Stories, Maturin and Figures de Style and writing for others has revived this interest. So I'm taking advantage of this brand new website to include a blog section where we'll add content at our own pace.

We will therefore use this blog as in the good old days (we had a blog with atelier b from 2009 to about 2015!), to go deeper into things that are close to our hearts and to discuss topics that may interest you. From design to responsible consumption and our adventures as entrepreneurs/creators/mothers, we will have carte blanche to communicate things to you in our own way. We will also give the floor to members of our team who want to use this platform to discuss topics related to their work, or to introduce colleagues, for example.

For the first topic, I will tell you the story behind our size plus collection. We hope you will be curious and that you will have as much pleasure reading from us as we will have in sharing our ideas and inspirations with you.