our team

Catherine Métivier et Anne-Marie Laflamme, fondatrices atelier b

 Catherine and Anne-Marie are the designers and founders. In addition to the design, which they do together, Catherine is responsible for production and quality, while Anne-Marie is responsible for communications and sales. Running a small business means wearing many hats! They are complementary both in their friendship as they are in their professional life. At atelier b, they want to offer a friendly and warm work environment that allows everyone to develop according to their interests and strengths. Positions are always changing and evolving for each team member.

Annik St-Arnaud, atelier b

We have had the chance to work with Annik for four years now. You have surely already heard her contagious laugh! Project manager for atelier b, she is always on the lookout for current social trends to keep us up to date. She is also the one who makes sure, along with Kim, that our shop is always unique. Her artistic vision allows us to have a unique shop and eye catching displays.

 Kim, atelier b

If you have visited the store, you have probably had the chance to meet our precious Kim there. An eye for beauty, curious, she is always helping us make the most surprising discoveries⁠. This is not surprising! She has had a thousand lives already: pastry chef, florist, hairdresser. Everything she touches turns into beauty⁠.⁠ She is also the mother of Colette and Josephine who can be seen in the atelier b photos.

Maxim Leith, atelier b

Maxim did an internship at the workshop in the summer of 2021 and has been part of the family ever since! At first sight, he is rather reserved and discreet, but Max is a delight to know better. Curious, motivated and invested, he is the kind of individual who surprises us with his dedication and skills. Passionate about sustainable development, he welcomes you to the store and answers your questions about maintenance, provenance and quality. He also participates in content creation for our online platforms.

Sarah, atelier b

Sarah is our production assistant. In the workshop, she cuts, counts, sews... We appreciate her gentleness, her humour and her professionalism. She has become Catherine's right hand!

Rachel, membre de l'équipe atelier b

A most valuable asset to our team; Rachel, handywoman with a thousand talents. ⁠Always outgoing and positive, she's probably the most authentic person we know.⁠ She helps us set up and build anything we need in the space, in addition to being able to work at all positions in the workshop. She is like an octopus woman!⁠

équipe atelier b

We take this opportunity to thank all those who have passed through the workshop in the past, you have made a difference and we appreciate all that you have given us.

Photo credits: Myriam Baril-Tessier (the first) and Kevin Mackinnon for Camarade (all the others).