Are you sisters?

The duo behind atelier b tells a story of an almost fusional friendship. Anne-Marie and Catherine met in 2003 while studying fashion design at Collège Marie-Victorin. From then on, they began to do their schoolwork together… even when they were not team assignments. Complementary to one another,, they like to say that together, their strengths do not add up, they multiply. It is in together that they find the best of themselves. They get asked "Are you sisters?" so frequently that over time, they ended up quite simply answering this question: no, but… almost!

      Quickly becoming close friends, they moved in together in 2005 in the hope of sharing a workshop in the basement of their apartment. Slowly, the workshop spread throughout the apartment: no more living room and dining room, out with the piano, their beds moved to the basement while the sewing machines, the racks and the rolls of fabrics took over each room. This is where atelier b was born, slowly, through projects and contracts, while studies and jobs continued to come one after the other. The project grew, and so did their friendship. Today, they still spend their holidays together, with their respective families (they have both become mothers) and every morning, they are still as happy to open the door of their warm workshop as they were 10 years ago!!

Photo credit: Cindy Boyce.