local manufacturing

Ensuring quality while encouraging local economy

Local production is at the very heart of atelier b: our products will always be made in the area in which our workshop is located! Currently, products that are not made in the workshop are manufactured less than 10 kilometers away. This way, we can control the conditions in which employees work and we are proud to contribute to stimulating the local economy by creating jobs through giving contracts to small independent workshops.

The transfer of knowledge

Sewing is often transmitted from generation to generation, it is a precious knowledge; its various cogs are not completely taught on the school benches. Local expertise and know-how are cultural assets that must be protected and we are proud of contributing to the transfer of this talent.

Why not just at the workshop?

Managing a production floor is an art! It requires a lot of organization, experience and space. We would like one day to have a more spacious workshop that would accommodate a larger team, but we don't want to rush things. For now, we keep samples, small productions and special orders to ourselves, and we collaborate with workshops that may have greater production capacity for more popular models.

To learn more about our workshop space, visit this page.

Photo credit: Kevin Mackinnon for Camarade Mtl.