ten years

livre atelier b dixième anniversaire

A book in tribute to encounters

In the fall of 2011, we opened the doors of our new studio. After a few years of working in our apartment in Verdun, it was a big step for our friends. We wanted this place to be welcoming, warm and unifying.

Anne-Marie et Catherine dans la boutique atelier b

Catherine and Anne-Marie in the store, photo by Kevin Mackinnon.

To mark the tenth anniversary of this space so dear to our project, we wanted to celebrate what is at the heart of atelier b: the community. Whether it's the artists and artisans with whom we collaborate or you who wear our clothes, atelier b would not exist without every link in the unique web we create together. This project is constantly evolving, always dynamic and malleable, according to ideas, seasons or global crises. We shape it to your image and ours.

The crowd during Milk & Bone's first performance at the studio, photo by Bruno Guérin.

The book that resulted from this celebration of place is a quality design object, with its cream linen cover and raw cotton bookmark, just like the brand's clothing. More than twenty collaborators participated in this publication.
At first, atelier b was just an excuse to be together every day.
And now, atelier b is a creative, innovative and inclusive community.

- Catherine and Anne-Marie

A publication in the image of atelier b

The aesthetic design of the book is signed by François Ste-Marie, where the dynamic and playful layout is in our image. It includes a text by Maryse Boyce, who discusses the musical performances at the workshop and who has spoken with many of the artists who have attended. For Laurence Lafond-Beaulne, who presented the first performance of Milk & Bone, "it's magical, as much for the artists as for the public to see these shows: it gives access to a hyper vulnerable moment". The artist Marjolaine Bourdua wrote an article that tells the story of the atelier b gallery, being herself the last to have exhibited there at the Old Montreal address. Anne-Marie Proulx has interpreted in her own way the identity of atelier b with sensitive and delicate words and images. The images of Maxyme G. Delisle, faithful collaborator of the brand are also highlighted.

Anne-Marie, Maryse and François during the revision of the models.

How to get it

The book of nearly one hundred pages is available now for sale online and at the Mile End boutique and in selected locations. Visit the product sheet to learn more.