galerie atelier b

Marjolaine Bourdua, Des formes poussent

Des formes poussent by Marjolaine Bourdua, photo: Jean-Michael Seminaro.

The atelier b gallery is a space for the promulgation of contemporary art.

From June 2019 to October 2020, the atelier b gallery was located under the atelier b Old Montreal boutique. Within the very foundations of this historic house, the unusual space allowed us to make intimate discoveries. The contrast between this heritage building in rubble stones and these contemporary art pieces created a pleasant dichotomy.

The atelier b gallery will soon become a nomadic place with bi-annual exhibitions in unexpected places.

Colts raisin by Vicky Sabourin, photo: Marie-Claude Brault.

List of exhibitions

Intérieurs by Olga Chagaoutdinova (summer 2019).
Colt raisins by Vicky Sabourin (autumn 2019).
Positions sur la matière, collective exhibitions with Annie Legault, Caroline Blais, Delphine Huguet, Emily Spooner, Geneviève Marois-Lefebvre, Hea R. Kim, Mariane Stratis, Marion Paquette, Sophia Borowska, Anik Péloquin (summer 2020).
Cheville, by Sophia Borowska and Teresa Dorey (september 2020).
Des formes poussent by Marjolaine Bourdua (october 2020).

To read

- Interviews with some artists exhibited at the gallery on the atelier b blog.
- "Créer et exposer à géométries variables", a text by Jérôme Delgado published in Le Devoir on october 31th 2020.
- Presentation of cheville, the exhibition by Sophia Borowska and Teresa Dorey on the web site of Yiara magazine , september 2020.

To be continued

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Cheville, par Teresa Dorey et Sophia Borowska

Cheville, by Teresa Dorey and Sophia Borowska, photo: Jean-Michael Seminaro.