Encouraging the crossing of disciplines

We like to build bridges and surround ourselves with creators who have other ways of drawing inspiration. This is why we sometimes like to integrate capsule collections or specific products to have a little fun!

Whether it's with illustrators, artists or designers of other types of products, we love these exchanges. Currently we have textiles printed by illustrators Bookhou and CDA. We have a plush toy created in collaboration with Ouistitine and a silk scarf designed by Marjolaine Bourdua.

Showcasing craftspeople and creators

Since the opening of our brick and mortar store in 2011, we have made it our duty to welcome products from various local artisans, whether for jewelry, skin products, leather goods, literature, the art of the table or the maintenance of textiles.

We enjoy introducing you to emerging brands and projects while complementing our collection with these carefully selected additions.

Offering our walls and our space

We use the store to receive pop-up exhibitions by local artists who inspire us. Whether they are illustrators, photographers, visual artists, we take great pleasure in presenting works that create a new atmosphere with each opening.

We also like to receive collective sales and pop-ups to give a display to designers who do not have a storefront. It's always nice for us to receive visitors! Keep an eye on our calendar to be aware of upcoming exhibitions and pop-ups.